Clean Seed Capital Group appoints Colin Rosengren as VP, Agronomic Practise and Protocols

Posted Oct 3, 2012 in News Releases




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Farm Credit Canada Provides Production Financing For SMART Seeder™ MAX ...


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October 03, 2012 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. (“Clean Seed” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: CSX) is pleased to announce that Mr. Colin Rosengren, President of Rosengren Farms, has joined the company as Vice President, Agronomic Practice and Protocols.

Mr. Rosengren is a third generation zero tillage large scale commercial farmer who specializes in intercropping. He owns and operates Rosengren Farms, a modern, innovative and sustainable commercial farm located in South East Saskatchewan. Rosengren Farms is a pioneer of sustainable agricultural production practices and are at the leading edge of multiple inter cropping systems.

Colin Rosengren states “At Rosengren Farms, we are reviving practices of intercropping and innovatively making it work together with modern equipment using zero-tillage in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible. In fact, we are not only sustainable, we are making huge improvements to our soil and environment with this farming system for the benefit of future generations by fixing carbon, improving soil productivity, and increasing biodiversity and biological activity in our soils.”

Mr. Rosengren is also one of the founding members of The Three Farmers, a small group of Saskatchewan farmers passionate about growing natural healthy food and dedicated to providing that personal connection between consumers and agro-producers. For further information on The Three Farmers Camelina oil products, please visit their website:

Clean Seed would like to welcome Mr. Rosengren to the team. His hands on knowledge and expertise in commercial scale no-till farming practices are a tremendous asset to the company. Mr. Rosengren will assist in pursuing opportunities in Saskatchewan and other Great Plains locations for the deployment of the Company’s large scale no-till farming equipment.

“I am very excited to join the Clean Seed team. Clean Seed is a progressive company with very exciting technology. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Clean Seed to bring their technology to large scale Prairie agricultural markets and transform the world of no-till with huge advancements in precision and efficiency”, stated Rosengren.

Clean Seed has developed an advanced no-till precision planting system comprised of individually patented technologies. These technologies include all-cast opener assembly systems, in-ground openers, proprietary seed and fertilizer metering and electronic control systems that together combat soil erosion, reduce seed and fertilizer use and nurture the subsurface biodiversity vital to producing healthy and sustainable crops.

For further information please contact Mark Tommasi at 604-566-9895 and visit our website at


On Behalf of the Board,

Clean Seed Capital Group

“Graeme Lempriere”

Graeme Lempriere

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director



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