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A Simple Seed's Journey To Endless Possibilities

It's often said a seed represents a critical stage of new beginnings. But, left alone and without direction, while distinctly remarkable and filled with potential, it will only feed some, but never many.

Clean Seed's story is really a simple tale of seeds, the soil they grow in, and the people who've dedicated their passion to achieving possibilities.

And while the story may be simple, the chapters within are anything but.

Our vision is to develop technologies to affect change in agriculture and improve crop production around the world. We will deliver real benefits to drive global crop production through the implementation of highly advanced seeding and planting platforms.

Graeme Lempriere, Chairman & CEO

A profound declaration.


Simplicity Obscured

Clean Seed's mission statement proudly displayed on the opening page of their website's 'Overview' section reinforces this lofty goal with eloquent, yet reassuring language.

Mission Statement

To continue pioneering the agricultural innovation revolution through the development and implementation of highly advanced seeding and planting platforms, powered by robust software and digital communications solutions, and other synergistic technologies that continue to set new standards in the fundamental shift towards the large-scale adoption of technology enabled agricultural equipment to the long-term benefit of all farmers.

Frustrated with ineffective practices mired in the time worn clutches of history, he vowed to find better and more progressive ways

Simple Beginnings

The mission began decades ago when Dr. Noel Douglas Lempriere, businessman, inventor, and expert in the field of engineering and no-till farming equipment, began working in the US conservation tillage movement. Dr. Lempriere, tabbed a pioneer in land restoration initiatives and conservation agriculture, held an expertise so respected he was once invited to address the US senate special committee on sustainable agriculture.

Frustrated with ineffective practices mired in the time worn clutches of history, he vowed to find better and more progressive ways, specifically aimed at the simple seed and the farm equipment carrying and placing them.

With a pencil sketch scrawled on a paper napkin, Dr. Lempriere kickstarted the movement from box drills to air seeders to something far beyond.

In the 1990s, desiring to maintain proper water filtration and encourage plant rooting, he developed a retrofittable opener based on deep fertilizer placement and shallow drilling depths to deposit seed in loose, agitated soil.

Soon after, he began tinkering with electric metering and fitted his newly developed opener with metering kits, first installing them on small no-till drills.

“This technology will change food for the world,” Dr. Lempriere emphasized. “It requires less input, less seed, less fertilizer and the harvest will be much greater.”

In the years before he fell ill, he researched, tested and invented a technique which became known as the Terra-Glide planting system, securing patents on the technology in the process.

“We continue to improve on our intellectual property by adding additional aspects as we evolve, grow and learn,” says Graeme, current Clean Seed CEO, and one of Dr. Lempriere's two sons following in his footsteps. “We're developing additional synergistic technologies. It's a fabulous feeling to take something from the drawing board to a finished product.”

This technology will change food for the world, It requires less input, less seed, less fertilizer and the harvest will be much greater

The majority of the funding now is coming from the actual farming community.

Simple Support

From their early beginnings, the company has received a wide range of assistance for their emerging ideas.

“I took the company public to approach the farming community and show them what we were doing,” Graeme explained. “We offered them the opportunity to participate so they not only financially supported our initiatives, but they also came up with input, thoughts and ideas to improve the direction we're going. The majority of the funding now is coming from the actual farming community.”

Contagious enthusiasm has propelled the company forward as Lempriere believes in assembling the smartest, brightest minds with a passion for change.

This infectious mindset has led to a series of grants and pacts highlighted by a pair of 2016 zero percent interest loan agreements with the Government of Canada. These were followed by subsequent European arrangements, and US Patent and Trademark Office grants and expansions to a Clean Seed keystone patent. Most recently, an initiation of operations in Central Saskatchewan along with a provincial tax reduction from 12 to 6 percent over 15 years has been sanctioned.

  We wouldn't want To build something slightly different, with a slight advantage, We like to make radical advancements.  

Simplicity Flourishing

“We wouldn't want to build something slightly different, with a slight advantage,” Lempriere stressed. “We like to make radical advancements. It's been a contagious and exciting process. Our whole team has had their fingers and input in it.”

The radical advancements Lempriere speaks of are the opposite of 'simple'.

Their no-till planting approach combats soil erosion, increases yields, reduces seed and fertilizer use and penetrates ground others can't.

Clean Seed's revolutionary tools utilize highly accurate equipment designed specifically for today's farmer. Advanced no-till systems feature Coulter and shank openers with 6 selectable in ground placement options.

5 individual stainless steel tanks supply row-by-row precision volumetric and singulation control meters, placing inputs accurately down to the square foot. 300 independent, electric, variable rate points deposit seed precisely, eliminating overlap.

An intuitive software and artificial intelligence cloud-based logic separates computing tasks through a streamlined user interface. AI optimized 'autopilot style' controls, high resolution prescription seeding, inter and cover cropping management configurations featuring highly flexible row arrangements are all possible at the touch of a button.

Simple Potential

Jason Schultz, Max Seeder owner and 5th generation farmer raves, “Seed is perfectly placed with a volumetric meter which is unheard of.

Not just the spacing—it's everything. The seed bed, the fertilizer separation, it's why the Smart Seeder Max will change farming. There's nothing else out there doing this—all in one pass with a perfect seed bed.”

Clean Seed claims they will continue to ride the leading edge of technology development working to maximize and optimize dry land farming. Their desire is for all farmers to be successful in the future, while changing food production for the world.

The Smart Seeder Max is going to change the way we feed the world. This is a technology entirely conceived, built and developed right here in Canada. From software, to hardware, to the testing they have done. People ask what the technology of the Smart Seeder Max compares to, there's nothing like it. It's a completely different way to plant and seed.

Another distinctly profound claim, launching the simple seed on a journey of unlimited possibilities.

The Smart Seeder Max™
is going to change the way
we feed the world.