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Graeme Lempriere

Chairman & CEO
Director of Clean Seed

Graeme Lempriere is an accomplished corporate and financial entrepreneur with years of proven senior management experience in both the public and private sector. He is the founder and CEO of Marvelle Corporate Development Group, a private business development and venture management company that invests capital and management expertise into innovative early and mid-stage companies. Prior to founding Marvelle, Graeme was responsible for leading major business initiatives that included company restructuring, marketing, primary financings, and market development for both public and private mid-tier companies with market evaluations north of $500 million.

In 2006, Graeme founded Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies Inc, strategically secured the worldwide exclusive rights to a unique patented No-Till seeding technology. Graeme organized a dedicated team of like-minded professionals and launched Clean Seed Capital Group on the Toronto Venture Exchange as a cutting-edge technology development company in the agricultural sector. Under Graeme’s leadership, Clean Seed has dramatically ramped up development of its intellectual property portfolio and is now uniquely recognized as a Tier 1 progressive disruptive frontrunner of agricultural technologies. For two consecutive years, Clean Seed has been ranked as a top performer on the TSX Venture 50 as well as the recipient of multiple business awards, innovation awards and recognition as a major industry disrupter.

Steven Brassard

CA, Chief Financial Officer
Clean Seed

Steven Brassard is a professional accountant and governance professional with ten years’ experience working with public companies. As Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of Clean Seed, Steve oversees the finance, accounting and corporate operations while working closely with the executive team to set the strategic direction of the Company and to develop the Company’s business plan. Over the past 8 years with Clean Seed he has been at the forefront of all government related financing activities for the Company including programs with AgriInnovation, Farm Credit Canada, Western Economic Diversification, National Research Council and SRED. Having been highly involved in the patent submissions for the Company’s worldwide Variable Rate and Flow Control patents, he is highly experienced in the technology development, protection and reporting processes.

With a unique combination of business, governance, accounting and finance expertise he is well equipped to ensure those functions support the growth of Clean Seed through the acquisition of Harvest and subsequent growth and expansion plans. Prior to Clean Seed, Steve was partner in an accounting and finance consulting company with a portfolio of clients in the clean energy, manufacturing, hospitality and medical device technology sectors. Steve holds a Chartered Professional Accountant Designation, a Chartered Director Designation from the Directors’ College and a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Saskatchewan.

Noel Lempriere

VP, Marketing & Business Development
Clean Seed

Noel Lempriere is a senior marketing and team management professional with 20+ years of experience in a variety of sectors both private and public that include Agricultural Technologies, Lean Manufacturing & Distribution, Hospitality, Food & Wine and Major Sporting & Entertainment Events.

Prior to the founding of Clean Seed, Noel leveraged his entrepreneurial focus, communications skills and wide ranging team management capabilities in the sustainable source manufacturing sector, developing national corporate and custom retail product branding campaigns as well as overseeing the implementation of marketing and distribution strategies to sales networks and commercial development projects across Western Canada and the United States.

Most notably, Noel played an advisory role to the board, addressed early marketing challenges and working with local city, municipal and international officials to successfully brand and execute the launch of the 2010 World Masters Championships, an international sporting event gathering athletes and spectators from around the globe.

Noel has also worked directly with the Chairman & CEO on a variety of start-up and business development projects spanning the last two decades along with all tiers of Clean Seeds technology since their inception.

Jarrod Goddard

VP, Technology & Software
Clean Seed

Jarrod Goddard is an award-winning technology entrepreneur with over 20+ years experience in managing agile software development teams, creating solution architectures, and managing complex web and mobile/cloud-connected application development projects. Jarrod has been influential in guiding the development of our SeedSync software suite of applications including both cloud and mobile apps, local operational software for the Smart Seeder MAX and integrations with data warehousing and analytics applications.

Prior to working with Clean Seed, Jarrod's wide-ranging technology career has included the design and architecture of an online auction platform used across Western Canada and generating millions in annual revenue; custom e-commerce solutions tailored for niche markets and unique customer experiences; online gaming and interactive multimedia development; and cloud-connected mobile and web apps that automate business processes to streamlining workflows and maximize efficiencies. Jarrod brings his wealth of experience to the software team to lead the development of not only our existing SeedSync suite of software but also to develop SaaS and subscription-based revenue services.

Jeet Jheetey

VP, Operations and Product Development

Mr. Jeet Jheetey is a dynamic leader with fifteen years’ experience in operations and supply chain management. He has acquired broad-based global expertise in operations, strategy development, inventory optimization, supplier quality, development and new product introduction within the fast phased automotive and high product mix agricultural industries.

Over the last decade Jeet has successfully led lean manufacturing and cultural transformations, long-term strategy optimizations, business and operations planning and design, innovation and change management programs and has been responsible for supply chain management and leadership development. Jeet worked with the production team of a premium agricultural equipment manufacturer to transform their production facility into a one-piece-flow, decreasing the lead time from 5 weeks to 5 days, increasing overall throughput by 20% while reducing the work-in-progress inventory by 75%, while reducing the company's overall overhead.

Jeet also played a pivotal role in establishing international collaboration that resulted in a research and development joint venture and supply chain integration, creating considerable flexibility while leading to significant reductions of costs.

Mr. Jheetey holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Manufacturing Management Certificate from the University of Athabasca.

Ramesh Thirumalai

Director Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Mr. Ramesh Thirumalai is a Certified Lean Green Belt Champion with 14 years of expertise in strategic Sourcing, cross-functional team leadership, competitive market positioning and delivering sustainable gains.

He has a recognized and proven track record of accelerating revenue growth through the strategic and tactical development of process improvement, cost savings, and Supplier Relationship development.

Ramesh is highly successful at pairing his Bachelors Degree in Engineering with other various professional core competencies such as strategic planning and analysis, process improvements, change management and team leadership.

Tony Edwards

P.Eng, Patent Counsel

Tony Edwards, P. Eng, LLB, is a Partner at Field Law and serves as the chair of Field Law’s Intellectual Property and Technology Group. As both a Professional Engineer and Lawyer, he has an impressive mix of technical training and hands-on experience from his career working with all sized inventors, ranging from individual inventors to fortune 500 companies. Tony is a registered Canadian and U.S. patent and trademark agent with nearly 30 years of experience in successfully guiding technology businesses, tech startups and individual inventors through the complex process of identifying, registering, protecting and monetizing their IP assets around the world. This work includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets and enforcing those IP rights through litigation and negotiation.

Tony views himself as an engineer first and lawyer second. He obtained a degree in Aeronautic and Astronautic Engineering at the University of Washington and then served for more than four years in the Air Force focused on developing and testing experimental aircraft systems. His science and engineering background gives him a unique technical and practical appreciation of the patent and other IP needs, whether it's related to mechanical, electrical, fluid applications, robotics or software. In his practice, Tony identifies areas in which his clients are vulnerable to competition or infringement, develops strategies to protect their IP portfolios worldwide, and negotiates licensing arrangements to generate revenue throughout the lifecycle of a particular IP asset or portfolio.

Tony has been the patent attorney for the SMART Seeder™ technology and the original Clean Seed patent portfolio since inception.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws of the University of British Columbia and has been admitted to practice in both British Columbia and Alberta.

Dr. Ulrich Trogele

Independent Director
Clean Seed

Dr. Ulrich (Bob) Trogele, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, AMVAC Corporation, a 100% subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation (stock symbol AVD) has enjoyed a 34-year leadership career in Agribusiness, working for "large caps" such as Hoechst, Aventis and Bayer, and "mid-caps" such as Schering and FMC. He has working experience and knowledge in Europe, Asia and the Americas at all levels of Agribusiness (chemical, nutrient, seed and precision agriculture). In addition, he has worked at the country, regional and corporate general management level. Further, Dr. Trogele has been an Adjunct Professor at the Berlin School of Economics & Law for over 20 years, educating MBA’s as future leaders in global business and society.

Dr. Trogele is past Vice Chair & Treasurer of Crop Life of America, past executive board member & Treasurer of the Agricultural Retailer Association, past board member of RISE, and past member of a number of industry associations in Germany, Denmark, and Ireland. Currently, he is the Treasurer and Board Member of the Crop Life Foundation, is an active board member of the Agricultural Retailer Association and Farm Journal Foundation. Personally, Dr. Trogele is a past Olympian, representing Germany internationally in a total of 126 matches, having further won a number of championships as a professional and collegiate basketball player. He has been married for 34 years to his spouse Uta, a high school history, and physical education teacher. They reside in Newport Beach, California since 2015.

Gord Wilson

Director of Research and Development
Clean Seed

Gord Wilson is a technology professional with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and product development. He has a diverse technical background ranging from consumer products to industrial equipment and brings to the Clean Seed team a wide range of business experience, technical knowledge and a track record of meeting development objectives.

Gord's background includes extensive experience in product design and development utilizing 3D CAD tools, vendor/OEM sourcing, production management, facilities design and equipment specification, as well as providing a technical perspective in support of business development.

Gord is a strong advocate for the advancement of "green" technology to achieve sustainable development and mitigate growing environmental degradation.

Chuck Schembri

Lead Electronics Officer
Clean Seed

Chuck Schembri holds a Diploma in Electronics Technology from BCIT. He joined Clean Seed Capital in November 2011 as head of electronics development. Prior to joining clean seed he worked for Plug Power as an Electronics hardware Designer specializing in the design, test and manufacture, of embedded electronic control systems for fuel cell powered industrial machinery. Chuck also worked for Ballard Power Systems as a Systems Integration Specialist; he was responsible for assembling, commissioning, on-site demonstration, field-support and documentation of portable fuel cell demonstration units. Chuck prototyped and integrated the P2000 fuel cell control module for Ford’s first fuel cell powered vehicle.

In 1997 Mr. Schembri repaired and commissioned global positioning systems in the field and built G sensors, optical encoders and repaired traction control systems as the Electronics Technician for Entek Engineering. Chucks primary responsibilities with Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies are to integrate state of the art electronic capabilities into the company’s proprietary metering systems.

Ed Quon

Director of Embedded Software
Clean Seed

Ed Quon is an Electrical/Electronic Technologist with over 25 years of experience in the electronics and software industry. Ed recently joined Clean Seed capital after years of service with New Flyer Industries, the leading heavy-duty bus/transit vehicle manufacturer in North America. As a Software Technical Specialist, Ed’s focus was on applying modifications to the embedded controls software on ISE Series Gas Electric and Fuel Cell Electric Hybrid systems to increase reliability.

Ed also applied his expertise to research and development projects with several companies responsible for developing embedded software for engine management systems and data acquisition systems.
In the early stages of his career, Ed held the position of Automation Engineering Technologist for Northern Telecom Private Networks; developing software for robotic and automation systems in a high volume circuit pack assembly environment which manufactured 60,000 units per week.

Steve Larocque

Agricultural & Agronomic Advisor
Clean Seed

Steve Larocque is an independent crop advisor based out of Three Hills, Alberta. As owner of Beyond Agronomy, he manages over 55,000 acres of cropland and publishes Beyond Agronomy News, a weekly crop production and grain market newsletter with his wife Vanessa. He is also a first generation grain farmer who farms north of Drumheller and one of the first to implement a full controlled traffice farming and inter-row seeding system in Western Canada. He is also managing director of Preferred Carbon Land Management.

Steve has been working with producers for over ten years. He is a Certified Crop Advisor, has a diploma in Crop Advisory from Olds College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Lethbridge. Steve is a 2007 Canadian Nuffield Scholar and had the opportunity to travel to Brazil (twice), Kenya, Australia (four times), New Zealand (twice), Mexico, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to study precision agriculture and controlled traffic farming.

Mark Tommasi

Corporate Communications
Clean Seed

Mark Tommasi, a former investment advisor, has served as a director and officer of numerous public and private companies both in the United States and Canada. Mark has more than 15 years of experience in corporate communications and marketing for both public and private companies. He has developed dynamic market awareness programs through investor relations, marketing communications and corporate development.



At Clean Seed Capital we realize that good people are the key to our success and we are always interested in hearing from high-energy and qualified individuals for our international and internal team.

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