Precision Seeding ProgramMINI-MAX™

What is Mini-Max

In the years prior to the public unveiling of SMART Seeder MAX™ here in North America, Clean Seed has been working on pathways to progress our technologies in compact purpose-built seeding equipment for international markets.

On that journey our SMART Seeder technology was specifically designed from the ground up to be a modular and scalable system. We have now leveraged our comprehensive intellectual property portfolio, innovative and field-tested SMART Seeder MAX technologies to develop the SMART Seeder MINI-MAX™ for initial launch in India.


MINI-MAX™ Yield Report 26% Yield Increase

We are please to announce the results of our input reduction and yield results from this seasons' harvest at our proving grounds in India in collaboration with our partners, Northern Mega Farmers FPO and University of Chandigarh.

The results from utilizing the SMART Seeder MINI-MAX™ in a side-by-side comparison to the most current and most utilized seeding equipment available in India shows an overall increase to farm cash flows of 36% using SMART Seeder MINI-MAX™ comprised of a:

The results and related harvest are receiving significant attention from the farming community, our partners and regional news. We believe this positive outcome will accelerate interest in India to adopt MINI-MAX™ technology throughout its regions, which can then positively impact adoption in additional countries thereafter.

Graeme Lempriere, Chairman & CEO states:
"Our mandate with MINI-MAX™ in India was to demonstrate the scalability of our technology portfolio, from our North American SMART Seeder MAX™ Series 60, into a compact design for additional international markets. We are proud to have confirmed with our partners in India that MINI-MAX™ produced benefits consistent with those of the SMART Seeder MAX™ here in North America as we move closer to a definitive agreement to mass produce the MINI-MAX™ for the Indian market and other international opportunities."

Clean Seed Capital Signs MOU with Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

Clean Seed Capital proudly signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mahindra and Mahindra Limited ("M&M") to bring SMART Seeder™ technology to India and to collaborate on other related opportunities to benefit each other's business interests.

Part of the Mahindra Group, Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector (FES) is the world's largest tractor company by volume and owns India's two largest selling tractor brands. With a presence in over 50 countries, Mahindra FES has technology centers in Japan, Turkey, Finland and India, with a wide range of tractors and a growing presence in farm machinery for crops across the value chain.

Clean Seed and M&M will work towards developing a collaborative mechanism to manufacture and deliver the SMART Seeder MINI-MAX™ and related technologies to Indian Farmers and other jurisdictions agreed by both parties. The fundamental goal of this collaboration will be to eradicate stubble burning, reduce input costs, boost crop production, enhance water conservation, and protect agricultural soils from further deterioration caused by the overuse of chemical fertilizers and extreme tilling.

Graeme Lempriere, Chief Executive Officer, Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. states:
"It is with great pride we announce the signing of an MOU with Mahindra and Mahindra, an industry leader that shares in a collective commitment to bring our technology to India as well as other countries within their market reach. Our common vision is to implement technologies that will truly benefit farmers by generating meaningful impacts on the agricultural ecosystem and environment around the world. We are grateful for all the support from the Government of Canada, the Saskatchewan Government and the Consul General of India to bring the MINI-MAX™ project to life in India."

Kairas Vakharia, Senior Vice President & Business Head - Farm Machinery Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said:
"At Mahindra we are committed to mechanising India, through the proliferation of farm equipment, beyond tractors and this association with Clean Seed Capital Group is a step in that direction. Clean Seed are pioneers of agricultural technologies with a proven track record of developing the most advanced seeding and planting technology, and we are working with them to bring the SMART Seeder™ technology to India."

Clean Seed Capital Teams with Northern Farmers Producer Mega FPO to Launch 1,000 SMART Seeder Machines in India

After Successfully completing activities within the LOI, Norther Farmers Mega FPO will market and distribute 1,000 SMART Seeder MINI-MAX™ machines from 2023-2025 in the Punjab and Haryana regions of India.

Who are our Partners - Northern Farmers Mega FPO?

Northern Farmers Mega FPO is a leading organization of 43 Farmer Cooperatives (FPOs) involving more than 12,000 farmer members from 4 States in North India. They work closely with respective State Governments, Industry Chambers, Agriculture Universities & Industry Partners, as well as Farmers Collectivisation, Agri-Input Supplies, Farm Solutions, Market Linkages, Industry Engagement Programs and other agribusiness initiatives.

Mr. Puneet Singh Thind, Founder & Director, stated:
"After having participated in the SMART Seeder MINI-MAX™ Technology Demonstration at Chandigarh University, our board of directors is convinced that Clean Seed's technology, with its multipurpose solutions such as managing straw and accurate seed and fertilizer placement in combination with the unique no-tillage practices, can bring a paradigm shift to the farmers in the region. With our strong presence in the region and close farmer network built on mutual trust, we are confident we can take orders and distribute 1,000 machines in the field over the next 3 seasons in Punjab and Haryana."

Clean Seed Invited to BC India Partnership Summit

This event was put together to showcase business and partnership opportunities between both countries, it was my distinct pleasure to share our progress on the ground in #India to date and our positive business philosophy towards India with distinguished guests from both counties.

India is the world's fifth-largest economy with growth expectations to hit 6% in the fiscal year and expectations to be the world's 3rd largest economy by 2035.

Clean Seed was proudly featured as an example of how the private sector can succeed in India through the introduction of our Smart Seeder technologies to the Indian agricultural sector which generates 17% of the country's GDP (India GDP $3.7 Trillion US). The current Indian Government has strong mandates and comprehensive programs to implement ESG initiatives on a national scale, this dovetails directly into Clean Seeds SMART Seeder MAX™ and MINI-MAX™.

MINI-MAX™ Wheat Crop Thriving Haryana Region Six Weeks Prior to Harvest

Both phases of our MINI-MAX™ trials demonstrated our variable rate small grain seeding capabilities, significantly reduced input requirements and seeded into heavy residue with minimal ground disturbance which is a signature feature of our technology.

Clean Seed Hosts Canadian Delegation in Special Event In India and MINI-MAX™ Specialized Corn Planting Demonstrations

Clean Seed was proud to host a special event in India with our partners Northern Farmers Mega FPO and CII.

This energetic event welcomed Honourable Scott Moe the Premier of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada and Honourable JP Dallal at Pehowa, Minister of Agriculture, Haryana, to discuss our efforts to bring our Canadian SMART Seeder™ technology and MINI-MAX™ to India and aid in ushering in a new era of sustainable farming in the region.

Clean Seed Completes Phases of MINI-MAX™ Technology Demonstrations in India

Our technology team completed the final stages of the MINI-MAX™ winter wheat seeding technology demonstrations in Punjab and Haryana, in collaboration with Northern Farmers Mega FPO and Chandigarh University.

Completed final phase of MINI-MAX™ technology demonstrations (winter wheat in multiple conditions) in Northern Regions of India.

Mr. Puneet Singh Thind, Founder & Director NORTHERN FARMERS MEGA FPO, stated:
"Teamwork Divides the Task and Multiplies the Success! It was such a wonderful experience working together with Jeet Jheetey, Ramesh Thirumalai from Clean Seed Captial Group, Canada and all our Northern Farmers team during Wheat Sowing trials at various locations in Punjab with Smart Seeder Mini-Max. Amazing to see everyone wholeheartedly involved in the field operations and experiencing the global expertise.

We are delighted to be part of this revolutionary endeavors in Indian Agriculture...Many thanks to Son of Soil- Jeet Jheetey for his reversly-migrated efforts to make it happen in Punjab and Chandigarh University to host it really well."

Strong support and collaboration with Indian Government Officials

Detailed discussions with the Government of Punjab, Haryana and Center Government about the role of the Government in Farmer welfare while working toward a sustainable farming model. The key strategies included the subsidy for multi-crop no-till MINI-MAX™ along with other incentives like carbon credits for the farmers to use MINI-MAX™.

Thank you to the following individuals and groups for their time and contributions towards our efforts to bring MINI-MAX™ to India