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Patented Technology

Protecting Your Investment

The Javelin:
12ft Precision No-Till Drill

Farmers around the world face a wide variety of agronomic and economic conditions. No single equipment solution has been identified and made available, useable, or affordable to farmers in all regions and circumstances. However, the scalable range of options made possible by the Clean Seed technology has allowed the development of a range of machine sizes that bridges these problems.

Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies a wholly owned subsidary of Clean Seed Capital, has developed an advanced precision no-till planting system comprised of individually patented technologies. These technologies include all-cast opener assembly systems, in-ground openers, proprietary seed and fertilizer metering, and electronic control systems that combat soil erosion, reduce seed and fertilizer use, and nurtures the subsurface biodiversity vital to producing healthy and sustainable crops.

Significant Reduction in Soil Disturbance

Conventional agriculture (plowing - tilling) is a significant contributor to the environmental degradation of farm land. Our technology significantly reduces soil disturbance resulting in the elimination of soil erosion, providing high moisture retention and superior seed and fertilizer placement resulting in improved yields. Less tillage also means fewer passes and therefore greatly reduced fuel requirements.

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Other machines require a high level of operator skill to be successful. In addition, some of these machines offer some 13 different after-market attachments designed to improve their performance. In comparison, the Clean Seed no-till equipment has only three adjustments, and one of these is fully automated from the tractor cab.

Our Technology delivers measurable financial and ecological benefits to the world of agriculture.