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5ft Compact No-Till Drill

Seventy-five percent of the world’s poor live in rural areas and most are involved in agriculture. In the 21st century, agriculture remains fundamental to economic growth, poverty alleviation, and environmental sustainability. Over the next ten years emerging markets will contribute to the overall global economy an increase from between fifteen and twenty-five percent to over 50% as measured by GDP, equity, or bond market capitalization levels.

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By the year 2025, 83% of the expected global population of 8.5 billion will be living in developing countries. Yet the capacity of available resources and technologies to satisfy the demands of this growing population for food and other agricultural commodities remains uncertain. Agriculture has to meet this challenge, mainly by increasing production on land already in use and by avoiding further encroachment on land that is only marginally suitable for cultivation.

Within the Clean Seed family of technologies, we developed a combination that provides the seeding solution to the needs of most farmers in the developing markets. We developed a no compromise simplified ground driven adaptation to our metering system, along with in ground components that reduce the overall towing power requirement of our smallholder/developing nations machine.

On May 03, 2012 the UBC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems announced results of its soil disturbance analysis. These results concluded the Company’s technology performed “exceptionally” well across all soil and cover crop conditions and produced an exceptionally low percentage of soil disturbance leaving an average undisturbed cover of 98% after planting.