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Letter from the President of Clean Seed Capital Group

Graeme Lempriere
CEO, President
Director of Clean Seed

Graeme Lempriere is a corporate and financial entrepreneur with years of senior management experience in both the public and private sector. He is the founder and CEO of Marvelle Capital Group, a private business development and venture management company that invests capital and management expertise into innovative early and mid-stage companies. Prior to founding Marvelle, Graeme was responsible for company restructuring, marketing, primary financings and market development for both public and private mid-tier companies.

In 2006, Marvelle founded Clean Seed (formerly Vesco) Agricultural Technologies Inc. and secured the worldwide exclusive rights to a unique patented No-Till seeding technology that began with his family in 2001. Graeme and a dedicated team of like-minded professionals launched Clean Seed Capital Group on the Toronto Venture Exchange and set Clean Seed on a path mandated to have a meaningful effect on the current agricultural system.

Since CSX.V Initial public offering, the Company dramatically ramped up development of its revolutionary no-till seeding technology, culminating in the unveiling of the CX-6 SMART Seeder at the 2013 Canada Farm Progress Show and received the People’s Choice Innovation Award.

Clean Seed has grown to become a TSX Venture 50 company that is uniquely positioned as a progressive pioneer of agricultural seeding technologies.

Massive investment drives technology in agriculture.

There is a technological revolution happening in agriculture that is set to rival the Green Revolution. With the world’s attention focused on feeding a growing population, enormous amounts of capital are flowing into agriculture. According to Reuters, investments into agriculture will exceed an unprecedented 2.36 billion this year. According to CleanTech Group, just under half of that investment is flowing into data collection, mapping and analysis for the farm. This technological revolution in data collection and analysis plays perfectly into the hands of Clean Seed Capital and the CX6 Smart Seeder. Why?

At Clean Seed, we believe the next revolution involves how and where we apply crop inputs. If you follow the money, you’ll see that new technologies are brought forward everyday that do a better job of collecting, mapping, processing and analyzing data. This data is being used to address the physical, chemical and biological constraints that hold our current genetics from reaching their full potential. At Clean Seed, we believe existing crop genetics have the capacity to double yields. To do so requires a new focus on supporting every plant inside every furrow with everything it needs to reach its full potential.

We've known this technological revolution was coming and until now we’ve been quietly developing the most advanced, precision seeding system in the world. Why a seeding tool? We know it is the best time in a plants life to influence the physical, chemical and biological environment surrounding it. With the CX-6 Smart Seeder, farmers and agronomists for the first time can apply high-resolution prescriptions that place equal amount of seed, fertilizer and amendments inside each and every furrow. What seems so logical has not been achievable until the CX-6 Smart Seeder was revealed.

To bring truly unique technologies to market they must be matched with simplicity. We chose to design the CX-6 Smart Seeder with simplicity in mind by making it easy to calibrate, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Incredibly, the CX-6 Smart Seeder can reliably turn up to 360 meters simultaneously at variable speeds directly over each and every opener, has row-by-row turn compensation, auto-shut-off, pressure sensing ground openers and 30cm resolution seed and fertilizer capabilities all wirelessly from the cab. These exceptional features are only the beginning of what can be achieved, at Clean Seed we continue to innovate and leverage our current platform and expand our patent portfolio.

We are excited to see the amount of investment pouring into agricultural at such a record level. To increase food production, manage our resources better and increase farm profitability we need every plant inside every furrow to perform to the best of its genetic capability. To do that our thinking must shift away from the average to the accurate, from the field to the furrow. Farmers and land managers need the tools that combine complexity with simplicity so they can get the job done safely, accurately and efficiently.

We have strategically partnered with synergistic groups to safeguard our growth both in manufacturing and distribution. As we move through this exciting phase of our company’s history we will continue to evaluate ongoing opportunities that will strengthen the security of our future. I would like to thank all our shareholders and partners for their continued loyalty and support and our team at Clean Seed for their tireless commitment to our objectives.

At Clean Seed, we believe the CX-6 Smart Seeder will change the way seeding tools are viewed forever.

Graeme Lempriere – President – CEO