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How Clean Seed’s Wireless Smart Seeder is Set to Disrupt Agriculture
Germination Magazine: Advancing Innovation - Innovations in seeders and sorters are driving the industry forward.
A close up look at the SMART Seeder™ with Colin Rosengren - VP, Product Development.
CX-6 SMART Seeder reaches commercialization stage
Braving the weather
Clean Seed Rolls Out First Production Model CX-6 Smart Seeder
Canadian-listed firms sowing the seeds of next agri-tech revolution (DVR, CSX, BEE)
Bayer Crop Science - Farm Forum: Precision Ag Takes The Next Step (
Production of the CX-6 SMART Seeder begins. (
A Savvy Partnership with WS Steel Suggests Blossoming Growth for Clean Seed. (
Investing In Agriculture: innovation is changing the face of farming. (Financial Post)
When Steve Jobs held aloft the first iPhone, the reception was nothing short of adulation. Now, one local company may have just done to farming what Jobs did for the humble phone. (BC Business)
Clean Seed Bringing Modern Technology To The Field(Van Trump Report)
High-tech CX-6 SMART Seeder targets perfect crop placement. (Manitoba Co-operator)
CX-6 SMART Seeders will be available through RME Dealerships. (Real Agriculture)
Stakes & Claims: A seeder so precise, it knows about damp patches
Grainews field editor Lisa Guenther interviews Clean Seed Capital Group’s CEO Greame Lempriere about the company’s new "crossover" seed drill.
Unique Seeder featured at Farm Show. (The Western Producer)
CX-6 Concept Takes Shape. (Grainews)
Revolutionary air drill to launch in 2014. (Beyond Agronomy News)
President hopes Clean Seed Capital can become farmer owned company. (The Western Producer)
Seeding goes wireless at Canada's Farm Progress Show 2013. (Regina Leader Post)
Clean Seed plows new path for no-till. Foam meters|Six runs, three chutes, no wires. (The Western Producer)
Bluetooth-Controlled Trident Row Unit Turns Heads at Canada's Farm Progress Show . (Real Agriculture)
Clean Seed sees a new way forward for drills. The CX6 Trident blends air seeder and planter technologies, for more precise seeding.
Colin Rosengren, the Vice President of Agronomic Practice & Protocols at Clean Seed, introduces the new CX-6 Crossover Drill at Canada's Farm Progress Show 2013. (No-Till Farmer)
Farm Progress Show displays state of the art innovations (CJME News Talk 980)
The Reaction... The Buzz... The Clean Seed CX-6
Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies introduced its new CX-6 Trident Technology...