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Clean Seed Capital's CX6 Smart Seeder wins Inventors Showcase Award at Manitoba AG Days

Posted on Jan 23, 2014 by Clean Seed Capital in Agriculture,Clean Seed Capital

blog update AG DAYSClean Seed Capital would like to thank the team at Manitoba AG Days for this award and thier warm welcome. The CX6 Smart Seeder continues to generate strong interest from the farming community and agricultural industry leaders. This recent award along with the Farm Progress people’s choice award for most innovative technology 2013 is an ongoing reflection of the company’s supported momentum.Ag Day Blog

The Manitoba Ag Days show is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and North Central United States.

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Clean Seed Capital back on tour! - Manitoba Ag Days - Canada's Largest Indoor Farm Show!

Posted on Jan 19, 2014 by Clean Seed Capital in Agriculture,Clean Seed Capital

Ag Day BlogClean Seed Capital will be presenting the highly advanced award winning CX6 Trident SMART Seeder at the Manitoba Ag Days farm show January 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2014.

The Manitoba Ag Days show is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and North Central United States.

Clean Seed's new highly advanced CX6 Trident SMART Seeder is an important advancement in agriculture. The SMART Seeder offers an unrivaled level of precision in modern no-till seeding. This drill demonstrates the future of farming.

Join us at Booth 1803 - Barn 4 - 9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily!

Show Info:


Admission into the show is free. Visitors can enter in through the east or west side of the building by the Westoba Credit Union Concourse entrance and also on the east side by the Curling Club or the ramp entrance.


Parking is available in several parking lots surrounding the Keystone Centre. Parking for the show is free.

Beyond Agronomy News - "The CX6 Smart Seeder is a game changing, revolutionary drill"

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 by Clean Seed Capital in Clean Seed Capital,Agriculture

Beyond Agronamy logosteven image

steven bio tag

Revolutionary air drill to launch in 2014

The technological advancements in seeding tools have been nothing short of amazing over the last decade. From on-row depth control, sectional control, variable rate drives to improvements in metering and scale. Even with all the advancements, there is still a lot of room for improvement. For example, a 15% +/- difference in seed and fertilizer delivery at each shank is considered acceptable according to PAMI (source).

So one shank might apply 100 lbs N/ac and the shank beside it may only apply 80-85 lbs N/ac. This is acceptable? See BA News article on air delivery systems here.

Air delivery systems will always struggle to deliver product accurately because they meter seed and fertilizer with variable densities under pressure, push product of various sizes down varying lengths of primary hoses, only to hit manifolds that distribute product into secondary hoses that vary up to 50% in length down to the seed boot. It’s any wonder that anything less than 15% +/- is considered acceptable.  Acceptable until now that is, with the introduction of the CX6 Smart Seeder drill.

Check out this video outlining the CX6 Smart Seeder design.

The CX6 Smart Seeder drill is a game changing, revolutionary drill that promises to solve a lot of today’s issues with metering, delivery, sectional control and get this, on the go filling! Picture this, seed and fertilizer are delivered from the 430-bushel on-board air cart to each shank where six individual electric motors meter up to six products right above the opener. A foam roller that looks like a cog wheel grabs the seed and fertilizer and drops it via gravity into one of three openings in the triple shoot and that is also fully adjustable, paired row openers.  The technology is equipped to variable rate six products on each shank, has sectional control and variable rate down pressure to control depth and packing pressure on each opener. Did I mention this is all controlled via wireless technology? No wires from the cab!

The second crazy feature on this drill is on-the-go filling, which virtually eliminates fill times. The drill comes equipped with a tow-behind 430-bushel tank that is designed to refill the front tank while you seed. When the back tank is empty, a simple unhook switch from the cab allows you to drop the tank off at the end of the field where a highway tractor can tow it back to the yard for refilling. A winch design behind the drill lets you hook the back tank up again and continue the cycle of refilling on the go. So, no more tandems, B-trains or special filling carts to fill the drill with next to no downtime.

To give you an overview, here are the solutions this drill provides:

  1. Air flow issues by metering seed and fertilizer above the shank where it’s delivered to the opener by gravity.
  2. Residue by placing a cutting disk ahead of the tyne which cuts residue and creates a channel for the tyne to flow through.
  3. Equal metering from opener to opener. No distortion from manifolds to randomly divide seed.
  4. More uniform distribution down each row without air flow to bunch seeds, ie peas, canola.
  5. Overlap eliminated, less delay from meter to seed allows more accurate off/on times, and independent opener off/on rather than sections.
  6. Accurate metering in non-linear travel.  Turn compensation.
  7. Ability to apply high resolution prescription.  Both due to less delay in delivery gives a more accurate application position, turn compensation, and individual independent opener metering.
  8. Depth control by prescription.  Don't underestimate the value in this one.
  9. Six-product capability, trivial versus five industry leader, but the shuttle cart makes it logistically feasible to do it.
  10. Refill on the go. Huge efficiency gain in downtime, no extra trailers required, no conveyors, or augers in the field.
  11. Shuttle cart handles six products and also can be used to change products in the field.  For example, if you want to switch from durum to wheat, no need to take the drill home to clean out.  No extra truck required in the field.
  12. Shuttle cart frees up man power in that it takes two men to move a truck to the field, only one to position the shuttle.
Now, I know you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true or perhaps it’s way ahead of its time. What I do know is that every seeding tool manufacturer on the planet will be looking at how they can somehow incorporate the ideas from this drill, because they really are game changing. Clean Seed Capital is the name of the company based in Vancouver and they are on the TSX Venture if you want to look at the company profile. I cannot wait to see the launch of this drill in 2014.

About Beyond Agronomy

My passion for agriculture extends beyond agronomy. It’s all about working with producers to match leading edge agronomic practices with solid economics, so at the end of the day, the producer is comfortable with his or her decision and profit is the end result.

Steve is an independent crop advisor based out of Three Hills, Alberta. As owner of Beyond Agronomy, he manages over 30,000 acres of cropland and publishes Beyond Agronomy News, a weekly crop production and grain market newsletter with his wife Vanessa. He is also a first generation grain farmer who farms north of Drumheller and one of the first to implement a full controlled traffice farming and inter-row seeding system in Western Canada. He is also managing director of Preferred Carbon Land Management.

Steve has been working with producers for over ten years. He is a Certified Crop Advisor, has a diploma in Crop Advisory from Olds College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Lethbridge. Steve is a 2007 Canadian Nuffield Scholar and had the opportunity to travel to Brazil (twice), Kenya, Australia (four times), New Zealand (twice), Mexico, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to study precision agriculture and controlled traffic farming.

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President hopes Clean Seed Capital can become farmer owned company - The Western Producer

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 by Clean Seed Capital in Clean Seed Capital,Agriculture

western producerbladen12

Farmers will have an opportunity to invest in a new seeder manufacturing company that wants to put micromanagement into precision seeding.

Last June, CleanSeed Agricultural Technology’s CX-6 Smart Seeder won the people’s choice innovation award at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina.

The British Columbia company, which is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, plans to return to this year’s show with seeder drill units and then organize a subsequent field demonstration day. It hopes these initiatives will lead to orders.

The CX-6 Smart Seeder’s leading edge technology allows it to apply and electronically meter up to six products at the same time with control over each seed run.

Graeme Lempriere, chief executive officer of Clean Seed Capital Group, said the company’s seeder goes beyond the offerings of other manufacturers by incorporating the latest digital technology and other innovations.

“I don’t know if we have actually leapfrogged. I think we are just trying to catch up with what is already somewhat out there (in the digital world),” he said.

“The world has gone electronics crazy. Everybody has an iPhone, a pad … they can stream music from their phones but these assets have got ahead of the assets in the (farm) field. We have taken the technology available to other aspects and we have applied it to (seeding).”

Launching a new company, let alone a new technology, is a daunting task, but Lempriere hopes appearances at shows such as Agri-Trend’s recent 2013 Farm Forum Event in Saskatoon will generate interest — not just in the seeder but also in the company.

“We want the farmer to become the shareholder in control of this business,” he said.

“We really want farmers to buy into this business. They don’t necessarily have to buy a drill, but they can buy into the philosophy of change that we are bringing to the market.”

The company recently launched a private share issue that raised $1.4 million in three days, all from farmers.

Lempriere said the company’s origins began with his father, who developed an interest in no-till farming in the 1980s and started developing the system’s openers and other components in the late-1990s. The first machines were small and designed with the developing world in mind.

More recently, the company be-came involved with Colin Rosengren, a farmer and businessperson from Midale, Sask., who is now Clean Seed’s vice-president for agronomic practices.

“He became an investor and brought his expertise and we started to take the components that we had developed for other technologies and applying them for technology to address the prairie market,” Lempriere said.

Agronomists are able to use precision farming tools such as field mapping, soil sampling, combine yield monitors and satellite images to develop detailed recipes of seed and nutrients to apply at planting time. However, existing seeding technology has limited ability to execute the recipes.

The CX-6 Smart Seeder is designed to deliver the recipe on a foot-by-foot basis.

“Instead of mapping it out per acre, you can map it out to the foot and at the end of the day, per foot to a farmer makes a difference.… One of our big drivers is to save on inputs,” Lempriere said.

Overlap should be eliminated and when the unit make a turn, the slow moving inside section will slow the feed of seed and fertilizer while the fast moving outside sections will increase the feed.

The metering system is in a cartridge in the box directly above each blade opener. Each cartridge has six mini hoppers equipped with electric stepper motors controlled through Bluetooth wireless signals. The blade opener is triple shot, and the metering system uses a foam wheel that is gentle on seed.

The electronics and motors have been proven in other applications and are rugged, he said.

However, the cartridge can be easily swapped out with a replacement if something goes wrong.

The main air cart’s capacity is 450 bushels, and the company has de-signed inexpensive nurse carts that will allow virtually non-stop seeding. They can be unhooked, refilled and repositioned so that they are ready when needed by the main cart.

Lempriere said he expects a 60-foot drill with air cart will cost about $500,000. The nurse carts should cost about $50,000.

The electronics and seed box cartridges for the first units will be made at the company’s plant in Burnaby and sent to Rosengren’s farm manufacturing shop for mounting on the seeder frame.

Lempriere hopes the full manufacturing process can be moved to the Prairies if the product catches on and more investment money is raised.