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Clean Seed Capital’s Award Winning CX6 SMART Seeder turns heads at the 2013 Agri – Trend Farm Forum Event.

Posted on Dec 13, 2013 by Clean Seed Capital in Agriculture,Clean Seed Capital


Clean Seed Capital was delighted to support the Agri – Trend Farm Forum Event this year. We would like to thank to whole team at Agri – Trend for their warm welcome and tireless support assuring a strong platform to showcase the world’s first award winning CX6 SMART seeder to a network of professional agricultural coaches and agronomists.

Agri – Trend has been helping growers achieve exceptional results for more than 16 years and has developed North America’s most expansive network of Agricultural advisors. From crop consulting to farm business management, precision farming to complete data management, Agri – Trend and its members are on the cutting edge.

This event was an ideal platform to showcase Clean Seed’s pioneering CX6 SMART Seeder to a qualified audience that could appreciate and recognize the immense impact Clean Seed now commands in the industry. By providing the ultimate in high resolution seeding capabilities, the CX6 will help farmers improve efficiency, maximize yields and micromanage their inputs.

We were proud to share the stage with international keynote speakers and hear how science and new ideas are being leveraged by today’s farmers to provide a safe, reliable food supply that feeds the world. Clean Seed was a highlight of this event.

Watch the video below and witness firsthand what the professionals are saying about Clean Seed’s CX6 SMART Seeder, “The very definition of precision agriculture”.